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What if we stopped poisoning our lives? Nature offers us all the soft solutions to take care of ourselves. Plants, food, essential oils, magic ingredients like bicarbonate, clay, honey. All these grandmother’s remedies that are passed down from generation to generation still show their effectiveness in everyday life!

Over 3,000 years ago, in simpler cultures, people called the healer if they were ill and couldn’t get well right away.

Healing properties of herbs

Traditional herbal medicine is often referred to as herbalism. Traditional herbal medicine was based on the traditional use of herbs. These plants were discovered to have therapeutic virtues and medicinal properties over time, but have not been scientifically proven effective.

Nowadays, people often criticize wise women and shamans for being superstitious. However, they used spells and chants to enhance their medicine and other healing techniques. Many of their arts were the result of years of practice.

The healing properties of herbs are well-known, and herbalists and wise women knew how to use them. Sometimes they were more successful than doctors and caused less harm than trained ones.

Many herbs may be helpful in managing heart disease, cancer, allergies, premenstrual syndrome, chronic fatigue and diabetes. They are also anti-inflammatory and antitumor, which may help to prevent blood clots. They are thus very useful in treating various health conditions.

There has been a steady shift from various types of wise women and shamans to doctors. However, until recently, common people sought the help of a wise woman or an herbalist because of the growing interest in phytotherapy.

What Are The Advantages of Herbal Medicine?

What is phytotherapy?

Phytotherapy is a natural medicine that aims to relieve and cure various ailments through plants. Used since ancient times, 75% of the world’s population still uses it today to boost immunity in the autumn, reduce joint pain or combat sleep disorders.

This ancient medicine is based on the principle of long-term treatment, the effects of which are felt over the long term. It is most often treated with products based on standardised fresh plant extracts in the form of medicines or as food supplements.

The therapeutic use of medicinal herbs is the basis of phytotherapy. Plants can be used in many ways to treat and alleviate various health conditions. You can use them as an adjunct to medical treatment. Many plants cannot be used in all their parts, as their active ingredients are often concentrated in one part, such as roots, leaves, flowers, berries. You can present plants in many ways. They can be used fresh or dried for infusions, as capsules, magistral preparations, and in drinkable ampoules.

Traditional phytotherapy is the basis of modern phytotherapy. It is based upon the scientific use and preservation of plants. Modern phytotherapy is a clinical, individualised form. It relies on clinically validated treatments, and is recommended by doctors, pharmacists, midwives, and dentists. It is continuously evolving and impacts all medical specialties.

It is a fundamental medicine, whose effects are evident over time. It is based upon scientific observation of the whole patient, not just the symptoms. The doctor determines whether treatment should be considered as an attack, load, or maintenance treatment. Based on scientific evidence, phytotherapy uses active plant extracts that are then standardised and sold as finished products.

Phytotherapy allows us to search further for physiopathological factors. in the genesis and progression of the different mechanisms that are involved in the development of these disorders. Plants can be activated on multiple levels and have more complex mechanisms than humans. Synthetic medicines can be likened to a key that opens a single door, but phytotherapy can open multiple doors. The actions we seek are either symptomatic or on the mechanism of the disease. The complaint can be treated with herbal medicine, i.e. The symptoms as well as the terrain can be treated with herbal medicine. Each plant has its own way of working and its own properties.

What To Know About Herbal Medicine?

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