Did you know the Power of Home Remedies?

home remedies

A Grandma’s remedy, also known as a natural remedy or home remedy, is a preparation that has been prepared from natural products for medicinal purposes. Home remedies, by definition, are not compatible with the products currently marketed by pharmaceutical labs.

Why are they called grandmother’s remedy?

These preparations were so-called because they were common in grandmothers’ days before the widespread introduction of drugs. These preparations are usually made from whole plants or from a combination from several plants.

Everyday pains were dealt with by grandmothers who had their own remedies. They are well-known in modern medicine and many of them have survived the test of time.

Generations of women have passed down recipes, remedies and potions to their families since the dawn of time. Many of these remedies are the result empirical experiences that date back thousands of years. Some have been scientifically verified.

There is no need to rush to the pharmacist or doctor if you have the slightest problem. Your grandmother knows the best way to treat most everyday ailments.

Your cupboards can be your natural pharmacy. These are some helpful tips to help you get through the winter.

What are the benefits of home remedies?

The remedies of Grandmother are simple, inexpensive and natural. Many books provide information on the medicinal plants in various national and international pharmacycopoeias. They include their properties, indications, modes of administration, possible associations, contra-indications and undesirable effects, as well as the precautions to be taken.

These natural treatments are cost-effective as many plants used in phytotherapy can be grown naturally in our areas. Lemon and mint, for example, are natural remedies that have many benefits that can be found on any market. Not unlike other drugs, grandmothers’ remedies are neither toxic nor very toxic. The risk of side effects is very low. These effects are rare and usually occur in cases of overdose.

What can home remedies help for?

Grandma’s remedies can be indicated in the management of :

  • Fever: febrifuge effect;
  • Pain: analgesic effect;
  • Digestive disorders: antispasmodic, digestive, depurative effect;
  • Sleep disorders: sedative effect;
  • Urinary disorders: diuretic effect;
  • liver disorders: cholagogue effect;
  • Blood circulation disorders: venous Tonic Effect;
  • Heart disorders: cardiac Tonic Effect;
  • Exectorant effect on respiratory diseases;
  • Obesity, hypertension, and other cardiovascular diseases : hypotensive, cholestrol-lowering effect;
  • Menstrual cycle disorders: emmenagogue effect.

One of the most important facts about home remedies that consumers need to know is that, unlike other treatments, there is no government agency governing them. We are free!!


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