Does the Body become Resistant to Gout Drugs?


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Allopurinol, an inhibitor, prevents the conversion of purine to urine. Millions of cells die every day. The DNA structure is broken down to produce large amounts of purines. The body will use a portion of these purines to make new cells, while the rest will be sent to liver to be further reduced to acid for disposal via urine. The drug delivers the promised result of lowering your blood serum uric acids level when you first start taking it.

The doctors didn’t tell you that this effect is temporary. This is the flow of the urine disposal cycle. Excess purines enter liver to be reduced to acid and then the blood carries the acid to the kidneys for disposal. Hyperuricemia can be caused by either an increased intake of purines or decreased uric acids output. If you have reduced or stopped eating high-purine diets but your blood uric acids levels remain high, it could be due to a weakened kidney function that results in a decrease in uric acid disposal ability.

Allopurinol cannot hold un-degraded purines in your liver for more than a few days. Your body will eventually have to find a way to dispose of the purine. Your body will find other ways to eliminate the unwanted purine if it is unable to convert to acid. This is why some people with gout experience skin rashes when they start taking Allopurinol. Because the liver holds a lot of purine, you can’t stop taking Allopurinol. The suppressing factor must be removed before all hell breaks loose. The liver will produce huge amounts of acid, which can cause serious gout attacks.

Unfortunately, none of the gout medications can get rid of the urate crystals already formed in the gouty joints. Gout attacks will continue to be a chronic condition as long as these tiny, nasty crystals remain. You can’t rely on chemical drugs for your entire life. The chemical residues will only further damage your kidneys and send your to dialysis unit. Gout pain will not go away if you use conventional medicine. You should give yourself the chance to explore other options that are more sensible than crazy pills:

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