Why is Reduslim so effective?

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Many substances of natural origin promise to help you lose weight. They are often not well-known. Glucomannan is a completely different story. The European Food Safety Authority has confirmed that this active ingredient in the konjac tuber can help you lose weight. What about slimming products that depend on glucomannan, though?

What is Glucomannan and how does it work?

The tuber of the Asian Konjac plant contains glucomannan. The tuber, which is about the size of a sugar beet, is then crushed, dried, and ground. Konjac has been grown in Southeast Asia for approximately 3,000 years. In the West, however, scientists have only begun to study its health benefits in the 1980s. Glucomannan can be used in Asia as a starch. It is used for making jelly-like desserts and glass noodles.

It has the additive number E 425 and is approved in Germany as both a thickener or gelling agent. Names such as konjac gum and konjac glucomannan are included in the ingredient list.

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What does Glucomannan do?

It is advertised to be very satiating, and therefore a weight loss aid. It is said to lower cholesterol and promote good intestinal bacteria. Parts of the konjac root can be used as a facial sponge by some people to clean their skin.

What is the best Way to lose Weight?

Glucomannan flour is mainly made up of indigestible carbohydrate, with a large portion of it being soluble fiber. These carbohydrates include glucose, mannose and other sugars that can bind water. You will eat less if you drink a lot of liquid before eating. European Food Safety Food Safety confirmed that “glucomannan” may be helpful in weight loss when used with a restricted diet. EU law allows this health-related claim. Prerequisite: Take three grams per day, spread over three meals.

What does Glucomannan do for Slimming?

The conclusion of Stiftung Warentest’s slimming product test was quite sobering. Saturation capsules with glucomannan were evaluated and found that miracles are not possible. Expect miracles. Four products were tested and found to contain less glucomannan that was stated on the packaging. They also did not meet the daily requirement of three grams.

You shouldn’t expect to see dramatic results. Glucomannan cannot be used as a long-term weight loss tool. Consumers get used to having a full stomach but don’t change their eating habits. This is essential for maintaining a new weight after a diet has ended. Glucomannan is a good option to help you lose weight.

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